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SKVTechnik recommends: Side channel blower for protective gas delivery

Argon production is also a work area for side channel blowers of SKVTechnik. Customers like to use the industrially heavy-duty machines for their systems as endurance runners.

SKVTechnik recommends: Side channel blower for protective gas delivery


Side channel blowers are also used in industry for the transport and compression of noble gases. As long as gases are not flammable or explosive, side channel blowers can be used well for compression or extraction. Especially when higher pressures have to be overcome.

For the exemplary operating point of a volume of approx. 100 m³ / hour at approx. +600 mbar, SKVTechnik recommends a side channel blower K07 RMD 5.5kW with TMS impregnation and sealing. The K07 with the 5.5 kW engine provides approx. 95 m³ / h at a system back pressure of 600 mbar. The volume flow can be controlled by connecting a frequency converter together with the pressure.

Argon is a noble gas, which is used in industry as welding gas, inert gas or carrier gas. The gas is thus used to prevent the penetration of traces of reactive gases in a reaction environment. But the presence of argon and the flow around the reaction vessel with argon excludes traces of reactive gases. Argon is transported by the side channel compressor and blown into the reaction environment. Of course, the argon must retain its purity content to work and prevent unwanted reactions. The promotional side channel compressor must therefore not suck in air components. The side channel blower of SKVTechnik, which is intended for this purpose, is specially sealed for this purpose. A corresponding certificate is issued for each side channel blower to be delivered separately.

The SKVTechnik online shop has been operating in the European market since 2012 and supplies customers with consistent quality and delivery reliability. Customers benefit from good purchase prices and high volumes. Interested parties are now trying out the SKVTechnik service.

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