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HTS Global AG closed for the holidays

The time before Christmas is usually very stressful, both privately and in the entrepreneurial sense, so you should take your time between the years to relax and to think about the past year. This also applies to private individuals and companies alike, says Fabian de Soet, Managing Director of HTS Global AG. In particular, the … Weiterlesen »


The world of heating cables

HTS Global AG is a well-known brand for heating cables HTS Global AG and its well-known brand ThermTrace are well recognised in the world of heating cables. HTS Global AG is an international corporation with offices, representatives and agents around the world. The global presence allows HTS to serve the needs of customers all over … Weiterlesen »


HTS ThermTrace Products

HTS Global AG is a leading manufacturer of heating cables. HTS Global AG is a swiss company, which is well-known for its excellent quality. HTS AG produces a lot of different heating cables, which can be used in various situations. For HTS Global AG it is very important to serve all the needs their customer … Weiterlesen »