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Self-Regulating Snow and Ice Melting

It took a while but finally winter is here and in some countries with up to 50 cm of fresh snow overnight, which can cause a lot of problems in various aspects. Snow and ice on walkways, ramps, stairs, gutter, roof may cause a lot of damage and can cause restrictions in their usage and … Weiterlesen »


HTS ThermTrace Products

HTS Global AG is a leading manufacturer of heating cables. HTS Global AG is a swiss company, which is well-known for its excellent quality. HTS AG produces a lot of different heating cables, which can be used in various situations. For HTS Global AG it is very important to serve all the needs their customer … Weiterlesen »


ThermTrace Constant Mini heating tape

HTS Global AG is well-known for its quality heating cables. The Thermtrace Constant Mini, short TTCM, is one of them. The parallel heating tape is highly flexible and has a small size, therefore it easily fits under insulation. The HTS TTCM is easy to test for ohms and insulation resistance. Furthermore it is water and … Weiterlesen »


Das ThermTrace Xenius Heizkabel

Die HTS Global AG bietet eine Vielzahl an Heizkabelprodukten bei den unterschiedlichsten Problemen an Eines der neueren Heizkabelprodukte ist das ThermTrace Xenius ®, welches nachfolgend etwas näher erklärt werden soll. Das Xenius ® kann problemlos für Projekte mit hoher Nutzungsintensität- und Temperatur verwendet werden. Das Heizkabel ist vor allem für die Industrie sehr geeignet, da … Weiterlesen »