Digital transformation:

DENSO helps the retail sector become crisis-proof

Digital transformation:

For three years, it has become clearer and clearer: the pandemic was a wake-up call. Companies in the retail sector must invest in digitalisation in order to remain competitive. DENSO, inventor of the QR Code, helps them along the way.

Düsseldorf. Shopify’s annual „Commerce Trends“ report sums it up: „The only constant in commerce is change. And the only way forward is to adapt.“ DENSO WAVE EUROPE, part of the Toyota Group, has been a partner for companies in the retail sector for several decades. The mobile computers and auto-ID solutions from DENSO, inventor of the QR Code, ensure that processes are optimized and made more efficient. The popular BHT-M series from DENSO will be available with Android 13 as the operating system from October 2023. Updates for existing BHT-M series devices will additionally be available directly from DENSO – without extra costs.

According to the findings of the latest „Commerce Trends 2023“ report, companies need to respond to retail challenges with more flexibility in their products, plans, and strategies. While economic growth is slowing, total retail sales in 2022 have increased by 15 per cent since 2020. They are expected to reach 31 trillion US-Dollars by 2025.

Furthermore, digital transformation in retail used to simply mean setting up an online shop to serve customers via another channel. Today, however, digital transformation entails much more and extends to the entire customer shopping experience. To adapt, retailers need a robust technological backbone – DENSO makes them stronger with Auto-ID solutions and the necessary hardware, such as handhelds and scanners.

Digital technologies for more reliability in retail

In order to counter ongoing supply problems and disrupted supply chains, retailers can initially increase their inventory levels and pass on increased transport costs to customers. That way, they can secure their business. However, this approach is risky for companies in the retail sector and not a long-term solution. In the medium and long term, retailers need to make their supply chains more resilient. Hence, the use of digital technologies, such as auto-ID solutions and mobile data capture, is more important than ever.

With the help of mobile data capture, retail workers can retrieve orders, inventory levels, and supplier offers in real time and thus detect a shortage of goods more quickly. Digital technologies and the right hardware are improving inventory management as a result. For example, DENSO’s BHT-M series enables retailers to do more accurate inventories and better cost calculations. As the level of service quality is simultaneously increased, the shopping experience for customers can be optimised as well.

The advantages of the BHT-M series from DENSO

Retailers can turn rather tedious manual inventory management into digital constant inventory optimisation with the help of DENSO’s BHT-M series. The BHT-M60, BHT-M70, and BHT-M80 belong to the BHT-M series. The mobile computers make retail inventory optimisation virtually a breeze.

Both the BHT-M60 and BHT-M70 come with a large display and a physical keyboard. This allows retail employees to make entries via the display or the keyboard, depending on their preference. Thanks to the ergonomic handle on both mobile computers, the respective device can be easily held with one hand and operated with a single thumb. The BHT-M80 has a larger display (5 inches) and comes without a physical keyboard. However, this mobile computer from DENSO also offers maximum user-friendliness due to its scan head. It is angled in such a way that a natural hand position can be adopted during scanning.

The complete BHT-M series is equipped with the most powerful DENSO scan engine on the market to date. With the update to Android 13, DENSO is responding to the needs of customers in the retail sector, but also in other industries such as logistics, transport, manufacturing, and warehousing. In the development of all mobile data collection devices and auto-ID solutions, DENSO always has one aspect clearly in mind: the user. With the help of DENSO’s mobile computers, auto-ID solutions, RFID, and innovative QR Code models, the retail sector can become crisis-proof.

QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

DENSO WAVE is a global provider for high quality Auto-ID solutions helping businesses in retail, logistics and healthcare to improve their stock management, have full data transparency and accelerate processes along the supply chain.

As the inventor of the QR Code® – a technology that has revolutionized the way data is stored and accessed – DENSO strives for nothing less than perfection. DENSO WAVE hardware and software solutions are therefore tested extensively before being available at the market. This way the company ensures that users in retail, logistics and healthcare can fully focus on their tasks without having to worry about the technologies‘ functioning.

DENSO WAVE solutions range from premium RFID readers and software, handheld terminals / mobile computers and barcode scanners to complex and cloud based IoT Data Management Systems.

DENSO WAVE. Driven by quality.

DENSO is a member of the Toyota Group and is exclusively represented in Europe by DENSO WAVE EUROPE.

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