Side channel blower – SKVTechnik ships within Europe within one week

The side channel blowers from SKVTechnik will ship within Europe within one week. Good prices and super quality are the trademarks of the online retailer from Germany. Now there are short delivery times in European countries.

Side channel blower - SKVTechnik ships within Europe within one week

Various connection types of side channel blowers for different system requirements.

SKVTechnik – the online retailer of side channel compressors and fans has been on the market since 2012. Users receive the complete range of side channel blowers and fans from various German and European brand manufacturers. From the smallest 0.2 kW device to the power compressor with 25 kW power and 300 kg machine weight.

SKVTechnik buys side channel compressors in large quantities at favorable conditions from the manufacturers and sells these stocks with good prices to the users. The prerequisite for the long-standing existence of SKVTechnik is reliability, brand loyalty and brand quality. Chinese products are no longer offered. The devices have between statutory two years and voluntarily granted 3 years warranty. SKVTechnik can only do this in the background with strong manufacturer partners.

Which machine types are in the permanent offer? These are side channel blowers and fans. Here is a brief overview of the principles of action:

Side channel compressors draw in air from the environment or from a process and produce pulsation-free and oil-free compressed air. The side channel compressor runs largely without mechanical loss. Although only a hundredth of a millimeter gap is between the rotor and the stator, the rotor still runs without contact against the stator. This makes the side channel compressor a perennial. The side channel blowers of SKVTechnik are of course designed for continuous operation. Side channel blowers often last for years with good care and occasional maintenance.

Fans have a different operating principle than the side channel blowers. Fans operate at much higher flow rates and much lower pressure than the side channel blowers. Fans often have larger gaps between rotor and stator and, depending on the design of the fan, also transport solids. Due to the volume-pressure characteristics mentioned above, fans are used for applications other than side channel blowers.

SKVTechnik offers both machine types and operating principles. If customers are interested in consulting, SKVTechnik specialists will be happy to evaluate customer plant situations and propose or offer suitable equipment for customers.

Short delivery times are required:

The delivery times are short. 80 percent of the side channel blowers are in stock at SKVTechnik. If side channel blowers are available on stock, then on a Monday order, the device will be on the customer’s Friday. Depending on the storage location, customers can pick up the devices on site.

In this specific case, interested parties can contact the hotline of SKVTechnik +49 3741 2510951. Colleagues can prepare quotations, answer technical questions and name delivery times.

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SKV Technik is an online retailer that has only side channel blowers and fans in its program. Fast service and 3 years warranty on most products.

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